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New books available now.

Hello to you all. I have not been here in a while and “shame on me.” I have published many more books and have written two biographies. the first is the true story of a woman that endured 30+ years of the most violent of abuse from her husband. She took all he had to give, including the loss of a kidney, all for the love of her children. In the end, she was abducted from her apartment, naked and in the frigid cold of a Minnesota winter. She survived all of it only to lose the love of three of her children.

 The second biography is the life story of the man that brought her back from Mexico where she was taken to when she was abducted. He is a highly decorated law enforcement officer that moved up from cop to sheriff and had a K-9 unit that is still tops in Minnesota. In his biography, Terry relives some of the most interesting and dangerous cases in his career.

 I have also been busy writing and publishing the next segments of the Witches of the Forest series. Four and Five are finished and published and i am now writing the final part of the 6 segment series.

 I hope that you will take the time to visit my website and check me out at amazon and Nookpress. My books are all available on all e-readers as well as in print. I have some on hand for sale to those that want a signed copy. So, 7 suspense novels, two biographies and a 6part series later, here i am.

 Check me out at and any of these other URL’S… and 


 Stolen Years {A True Story of Domestic Abuse and Survival}

A must read for anyone that has ever known or felt domestic violence



Finally, the beginning of the story is available. This is the story that birthed “Penance.” It is a must read suspense novel that will have you on the edge of your chair. Abduction was my first novel published and is now available on All e-readers.

Abduction on e-readers

I am so very proud to tell you that Abduction is finally live and waiting to be part of your e-reader library. Please join me as I welcome the “beginning” of the story that will take you to the sequel, Penance.


Time is a luxury in today’s busy lifestyle. These short stories will give you the thrill and chill in short order. Just a few chapters and you are on to the next story. These stories will give you the excitement of a full size novel that fits into any busy schedule.
She thinks she is a princess and her Daddy forbids her to love anything less than a prince. When a flight goes terribly wrong, Melanie will discover that her daddy… was wrong. With crocodiles and natives, all set on killing her, Melanie finds that her forbidden fruit is the only thing between her and certain death.
Atlantis has always fascinated the minds of men. Was it, did it, could it have been echo across oceans. This story will take you to a place where sacrifices and curses hide a truth. Only one woman knows how to find it. her doctor thinks she needs therapy until he too finds the truth. Just because you are an Imp, it doesn’t make you a demon. it simply makes you the cost… of keeping a secret.
The desert is known for it’s heat. What creature has the ability to change the one hundred and five degree desert sand into chilling snow? Marlene and her companion Dan, along with their best friends, are about to find out. Dragons that breathe snow instead of firs, relic vehicles and planes and a “something” named Sharu are stealing the Earth’s desert to rekindle a life now covered in ice and Glaziers.
What can stop a powerful tribe, once known as the Amazon women, from enslaving the men of the world and making the Earth’s people and land there own. The balance lies in the hands of a not yet born baby girl.
In the last but for certain, not the least in excitement and thrills, a family is torn apart after wife and mother, Sarah is nearly crushed to death by a Semi. The doctors gave her a clear go to walk again. Sarah thinks they were wrong. Walking only a few feet at a times, Sarah relies on her family and a wheelchair to get her around. Her children have pulled away from her and her husband is at a loss. A business trip and an accident leave him stranded in the mountains of snowy Colorado. Hungry wolves and a hermit who wants his where-bouts to remain a secret wait for Jake at the bottom of the ravine.
Sarah refuses to believe the police reports. Now, she and her two children will come together as a family to try and find Jake. Sarah needs her legs to work but she is afraid. Her kids will be with her for support but is it enough to save Jake?

Sixteen-ninety-two was a time of change and growing and life and death in the village of Salem, Massachusetts. Innocent people, accused of being witches, were put to death by hanging or drowning and sometimes, they were burned alive. A barbaric time that seemed to some as if man had fallen backwards instead of going forward. Were some of them truly witches? Were there spells casted and people killed by the witchcraft of Salem? Some will believe and others will scream it was all lies but the truth is, we were not there to witness.

 Wiccan’s and covens, both dark and good exist within our everyday world. They may be good or bad cold or warm; such things matter very little in the grand scheme of things. You may choose to believe or not and it will not change anything that has happened already. But bear witness to what happened to one witch, when she chose to fight the wrong coven. These were not simply witches of old; they are the witches of the forest and their queen is Rachel. She lives to protect the forest from harm and the forest in turn, calls her their queen. ImageImageTogether they protect one another.

Here is another peek at the next segment of my witches series. The first two are already available on and please take a look and enjoy.



 The woman stared at the witches, searching for some way to escape. She looked at things in the cabin and wondered how they could be. She saw water that ran from a curved apparatus, simply by moving a lever. There was lighting that had no flame that lit with the touch of a finger. Where-ever she was, it was not Salem village.

 “I wish to speak now to your Elder.” Her voice had softened as she stood and faced the witches. “I have suffered harshly at the hands of those who would see me dead. I have held my tongue for as long as I can but no more. Your witches in my time had no way of knowing that they were helping me when they attempted to save my life.”

 As quickly as she had begun to talk, she went silent as her hand moved to her stomach. From a hidden pocket, she took out a wand and before any of the witches could respond, she waved it across the air. Sparks flew from the fireplace and began to ignite the wooden walls. Witches ran in every direction, trying to find cover from the power unleashed by the woman.

 “Who the hell are you, witch, and what is your purpose?”  Debra had screamed the question as loud as she could.

 “Who am I, you ask, little witch? I am your very worst nightmare. I have been alive for centuries and in all of my years, never did I think I would find this coven. I knew from far in your past that you existed. I felt the searing pain from the one you call queen. She has yet to be born and I intend on destroying all of you before that can come to light. My great, great grand-daughter died at the hands of witches you have not seen yet. My Melody shall not die in vain.”

 “We don’t even know who this woman is that you speak of. It matters very little though. We are here to defend what is rightfully ours. The forest stands with us to defeat you.”

 “Your queen and her fellow witch unknowingly opened the door for me to come here. They are stuck in a world that hates our kind and kills more every day. I suspect it isn’t long before they too will die. I have lived so long and waited each and every day for this moment. I too know the future and one day I will have a daughter. She will be more powerful than even I am. But to be queen, I must change a future none of you know of. I must stop a witch from being born so that my Melody can sit in her rightful place as queen of the wiccans.”

  Ella stepped forward and touched the witches arm. A shock of pure energy rushed through her body, causing her to jerk backwards. She held her grip tightly, taking in all that she could. The witch shook her arm violently, trying to dislodge Ella’s hand. Ella refused to be tossed away, though her body had begun to emit puffs of smoke.

 “Anastasia…” Ella whispered. “Sisters and brothers, hear my words.” She spoke to each of the Wiccan’s minds. “This is no ordinary witch that stands before us. This is Anastasia, a powerful, murderous witch, whom has killed her own kind to further her own needs. She is in all of the text’s that have been written of our predecessors. It was thought the she was drowned during the witch trials though her body was never found. Her presence in our time can only mean death for some of us. She comes to destroy not only our coven but the forest with us.”

 “Can we defeat her, Ella?”

 “I fear that even with our powers combined, without Rachel, we may all die here today, Matthew.”

“I must get back to my village before the witches kill anyone else! Leave me be so that I may return to Salem!”
Ella, teacher of the past and the laws of the Wiccan, stepped up. “Salem, you say? There has been no Salem village here for Centuries. What year do you think this is?”
“I have no time for this game you play! There are witches to be hung and I shall see to it that the two that killed my husband hang first!”
“Debra, I think she is talking about the witch hunts in Salem Village. Tell me; whoever you are… what were the witches’ names?”
“Johnathon called one Rachel but I know not the other wenches name. I know only that they killed my husband and they will pay for their witchcraft!”
The coven huddled close together, still keeping watch on the woman. Ella spoke out.
“Apparently, we have a visitor from 1692 and Rachel has found the man she went looking for.”
Timothy shook his head and his face grimaced with anger. “Yes, she found him… right in the center of the worst witch hunt in our history! She is in Salem, just in time to be hanged!!!”ImageImage


Happy New Year

As another year comes to a close, I find myself sitting here at my computer desk, reflecting back on what has come and gone. So many things that I planned on doing,

Things that I did and some things I did Not accomplish. I ponder on what makes a year a good year. I think to myself “What have I done over the past 12 months that has

truly mattered.” That, I believe, is what defines my year. Have I lived my life as full to the brim as I could have? Did I reach out to anyone and help them in some way? Did I

smile when I really wanted to cry? Did i set goals and achieve them or did I simply watch the year go by?

 I think about friends that I have known for what seems like forever and wonder where they have gone. Are they gone because i failed to be the friend I should have been or

are they gone simply because our season together came to it’s end. I have written on this subject before and even after many years, I am not sure i have a full grip on it

all. I do think that people come in to our lives for a reason. I think that sometimes the door is opened for me and other times, I opened the door myself. Either way, I had

the option, the choice to walk through it or simply close it. As the year moved on, I watched people that have been in my life slowly fade until all that is left is the

memories. New faces came and filled in where the others had been; filled in but never to replace.

 I sit and smile a soft smile, knowing in my heart that though I have “dropped the ball” many times this year, I have also held it with someone else until they were strong

enough to hold it themselves. I have loved with all of my heart and have given laughter to those around me. I have seen my 4th, 5th, and 6th novel in print and transfered

them to e-books. I have made the steps to buying the rights back to my first two novels and that is a wonderful thing.

 My mom and dad have dealt with huge medical issues and spent a lot of time in the hospital. I have been at their side through it all. So many changes and so many

things that has kept my life Filled to the brim and somedays… Overflowing. When that question comes back to my mind another comes with it. Have I given back the

blessings that I have been given more times than This man ever deserved? I think I have given and taken and balanced the two out as best as one could. So Yes, it has

been a Good year and it rings in the new with hope and love and smiles and the promise of a better tomorrow. It will be because I will make it so.

 I have friends and loved ones and joy. I have a roof over my head and my family is warm and fed. Bills are paid and life has moved on. There is little more, if anything, that

I could ask for. I asked the Lord to watch over my family and to keep them safe from harm. I resolve to lose weight, get healthier and reach out to those less fortunate than

me and give all that I have to give.  Happy New year to you all. I pray Only Gods very best for each and everyone of you.Hugss and love to you all from my heart to yours.

                                                    Happy New Year!!!!      


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